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I too left feeling inspired after Saturday. I plan to begin working on storytelling Monday morning after attending “Storytelling is not just for September.”

Some quick suggestions to follow each day of the week…

  1. model storytelling an event the class experienced together with rich story language across 5 fingers.
  2. class gathers to retell the same story with a storytelling partner. Teacher coaches students to remember characters names, say what the character said, etc.
  3. sit in a circle and retell the same story as a class. “Today we are all going to share the fire drill story as one storyteller.”
  4. while children tell the story, teacher sketches the pictures across pages
  5. teacher writes the words on the last day and students have time to tell their own stories with partners.
How it relates to this class: Rather than drawing the pictures for the story, take pictures of 5 quick, consecutive events for children to tell the story from. Children can document stories themselves using pictures they take in sequence as well.